Apple S’mores: A Product of My Dietetic Internship

This week’s recipe features two fall foods that will please everyone: apples and s’mores.


Before I share the recipe, I wanted to discuss the process that lead to this creation. In my first blog post ever, I wrote about the long road to becoming a Registered Dietitian. Two weeks ago, I started one of the last parts of that process: the Dietetic Internship (DI). Many people I talk to are unfamiliar with the how the Dietetic Internship works, so I figured I would start by explaining the process. Also, my first DI site lead to me creating this recipe, so it seems fitting.

The DI that I was accepted into is organized through my school, Teachers College Columbia University. There are 24 interns in my program, and my Internship Director places us all at different Nutrition sites throughout NYC. We work in the Community Nutrition field for one semester, which can include a wide variety of Nutrition settings such as Nutrition Education programs, Corporate Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Communications/Writing Nutrition, food banks, WIC, and school nutrition. The next semester, we work at a Clinical Nutrition site, which is a medical facility such as a hospital or long-term care facility. We also do a rotation of Food Service in the summer at a food service facility, like a cafeteria. Currently, I’m in my Community Nutrition rotation at the NYC Department of Health for the next 5 weeks. The department that I am with is the Eat Well Play Hard program within the Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle department. This program focuses on preventing childhood obesity through nutrition education in the community.

One of my main tasks at the DOH has been editing and writing parts of the fall and winter newsletter that is sent to childcare centers in NYC. Each newsletter includes a “Cooking With Children” portion that features a recipe for teachers to make with their students in the classroom. I was lucky enough to do some recipe development for the winter newsletter, and I came up with a healthy wintery snack that I call Apple S’mores. The marshmallows are replaced with Greek yogurt and honey and raisins take the place of the chocolate. Not only is it a fun snack for children to make, but it’s also so delicious that people of all ages will enjoy making and eating it! Try making it with your kids after school or take a break from your afternoon work to build a s’more for yourself!


Makes 5 servings


5 graham crackers

½ 6-ounce containers of 0% Greek yogurt



1 Gala apple

½ cup of raisins


1) Wash apples in cold water, and cut into 1-inch slices.

2) Lay out two graham crackers on a plate. Spread Greek yogurt over one side of each graham cracker with a knife. Squeeze a drop or two of honey on the yogurt. Sprinkle cinnamon over the yogurt-honey mixture.

3) Stick raisins into the yogurt mixture on one graham cracker. Cover the raisins with an apple slice.

4) Close the “s’more” by putting the other graham cracker on top.

5) Enjoy a delicious snack!

Nutrition Notes:

  • Check out my Nutrition Notes about apples in my previous recipe for Maple Apple Chips
  • Greek yogurt is a great source of vegetarian protein. One 6-ounce container of 0% Greek Yogurt has 18g of protein and only 100 calories!
  • A 6-ounce container of Greek Yogurt also contains 20% of the daily value of calcium, which is perfect for kids with growing bones.
  • For other uses for Greek Yogurt, read here. 

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