Tip Tuesday: Shopping the Square

I’ve been neglecting my Tip Tuesdays, but I wanted to get back into it with this easy tip about avoiding unhealthy options at the supermarket. I call it “Shopping the Square”.


A common complaint among many is not being able to control mindless unhealthy snacking at home. One technique I suggested for eating healthy at home is to avoid keeping unhealthy items in the house. But sometimes the snack aisles at the supermarket are so alluring, making this tip easier said than done.   With chips, cookies, and cakes galore, the supermarket is a dangerous place for those who are easily tempted.

My tip for this Tuesday is a technique I use when shopping at the supermarket. I shop only on the outside aisles of the supermarket or in a “square”. Think of every grocery store you have ever been in. What products are on the outside aisles? It’s the most natural items, like fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meats. Try shopping the outside aisles first for all your healthy ingredients, and then reassess your cart. Ask yourself if you really need anything else. If you need certain extras like rice, beans, or oils, know exactly where those foods are and go only to those aisles. Don’t tempt yourself by going down the snack aisle!

Bottom Line: “Shop the Square” at the supermarket by only shopping around the outside of the store, where the healthiest items are located. Don’t allow temptation by browsing through the aisles. Stick to the square and you will be proud of what ends up in your fridge!


3 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: Shopping the Square

  1. Karen Rizzo says:

    Yeah this is great… Only problem no chips, pretzels or chocolate in the “square”. Lol

    It is great advice

    Love you

    Sent from my iPhone


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