#WeAreThankful: Expressing My Gratitude

I was recently contacted by Oscar Insurance and asked to write a post dedicated to what I’m thankful for this year.  Naturally, I did my research on Oscar Insurance, and it seems like a “coming of age” insurance that uses technology (like smart phones) to create a user friendly experience for residents of New York and New Jersey.  As a person who doesn’t really understand my insurance (or, let’s face it—insurance in general), I appreciate Oscar’s user friendly nature.  Disclaimer: I don’t have Oscar insurance and cannot attest to its customer satisfaction.  After some consideration, I decided that I like the idea of expressing my gratitude for the good things in my life.  These are 3 things that I’m most thankful for because my life would be very different without them.

  • The support to do what I love. I really love the field of nutrition and fitness, but it’s not my first career. I used to work in Advertising, and I was pretty unhappy.  After 4 years in a career I didn’t enjoy, I did some soul searching and decided to pursue nutrition. I attribute the majority of this decision to the support I’ve received from my family.IMG_2634

My mom was an amazing stay-at-home mom, who prepared home cooked meals for my entire family every night.  I never realized what an impact that had on me until I started preparing my own meals.  She instilled her knowledge of food in me, making me who I am today.1620718_10201994228591234_2085357745_n My dad encouraged me to pursue my passion, and he assured me that he would always back me up emotionally and financially.  His faith in me never stopped. My dad once said to me, “I’ve made a lot of bad investments in my life, but you are not one of them.”  I’m sure it’s cliché to be thankful for your family, but it’s really true that I couldn’t do this without them.IMG_2777

  • The ability to run. For those who know me or have been reading my blog, you know I runIMG_2424 quite a bit.  Most of the time, I love running.  But sometimes, I really hate running.  There are times when every step feels dreadful, when I feel like I can’t catch my breath, or when my stomach just won’t settle during the run.  Those days are hard to push through, but I usually with it by the power of positive reinforcement.  I think about those who don’t have the ability to run for whatever reason, and I push myself to keep going.  I run because I can.
  • Anyone who is reading right now. I started this blog 8 months ago because I have knowledge about food and nutrition that4051305996_1694505910_z I wanted to share. As everyone who blogs knows, sometimes it’s a great deal of work.  Just like running, it can be torturous at times.  However, I do it for the people who read, enjoy, and learn something from it.  So thank you to those who are reading right now—I will keep writing for you!

What are you thankful for this year?

Photo credit: Thank you: http://bit.ly/14OhzKf


7 thoughts on “#WeAreThankful: Expressing My Gratitude

  1. Erin says:

    Your blog is awesome. I’m so glad you’re doing what you love and are happy! I have to admit gnatle23 made me giggle….a lot. Happy Thanksgiving!


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