30 Day Healthy Living Challenge + A Prize

I’m trying something new and exciting on my blog for the month of January. In the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions and getting healthy in 2016, I will be hosting a 30-Day Healthy Living Challenge, starting January 1st. This will be a challenge for both you and me–your challenge will consist of daily tasks that will help you build healthy habits in 2016, and my challenge will be blogging for 30 days in a row (eek)!

Healthy Living Challenge logo

How It Works: Everyday, I will post a call to action. The actions will consist of healthy eating challenges, fitness goals, organizational tasks, and simple activities for general well-being (such as REST days- hooray!) These challenges will reflect my nutrition philosophy, which encompasses 3 main points:

  1. Start small.
  2. Makes simple changes.
  3. Set realistic goals.

Because this is a challenge, I’m asking you to perform as many actions as you can…because there is a prize!

The Prize: Win your choice of 3 private nutrition counseling sessions OR 3 cooking classes with yours truly. Private nutrition counseling is a great way to continue your New Year’s Resolution into February and make long lasting healthy habits. I can help you lose weight, choose the right foods for your activity level, write you a meal plan or get you into the kitchen to prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family. Don’t live in NY? Don’t worry…we can video chat!

How To Win: Follow along with as many days as possible, and let me know that you did by either commenting on my blog, Tweeting (@nutritionalanat) at me, posting a picture to my Instagram (nutritionalanat), or writing on my Facebook page. Use the hashtag #ChallengealaNatalie. Since this is a 30-day challenge, I ask that you participate for at least 5 days. That’s 5 comments! I will randomly select a winner on February 1st.

The challenge will begin on January 1st, so make sure you are either following my blog or like my Facebook page to get daily challenge notifications. Oh, and PS- I will also do every single challenge because I won’t ever recommend something that I wouldn’t do myself.

Here’s to a healthy start to 2016!


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