30-Day Healthy Living Challenge: Day 14 & 15

How did you do without the added sugar the past two days? I think ditching the sweets is a good exercise for a few days to really see how much sugar is added into foods. I know it’s difficult to cut out foods, which is why I would never suggest that you do it for more than 2 days. Many diets that have you cut out foods completely are often unhealthy, and I don’t advocate that type of lifestyle. Anyways, onto the next challenge. Once this challenge is over, you will have finished half of the 30-Day Healthy Living Challenge!!

day 14 & 15

Day 14 & 15: Watch Your Sodium

Yes, this is another 2-day challenge. Yes, it’s going to be difficult again. Yes, you get a rest day after you hit the halfway mark on the 15th.

The Day 14 & 15 Challenge is to watch your sodium. Although sodium is necessary for normal cell function (it’s one of the electrolytes), too much sodium can cause major health complications. Overloading your body with sodium can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and an unhealthy heart. Therefore, it’s super important to watch your sodium intake.
Specifically, I would like you to choose low sodium foods for the next two days. How will you know if a food is low in sodium? Follow these guidelines:
Read food labels! They may be cumbersome to read, but they are the only way to know what’s in packaged food. If you don’t understand food labels, please ask me!

  •  Look at %DV on the label. That tells you what % of the daily value (DV) that food contributes to your total daily diet.
  • Choose foods that are 6%DV (140 mg) or less of sodium per serving.
  • This may be very hard to do for those who love cheese, bread, and salty snacks. I encourage you to start with reducing the sodium in snacks.

I absolutely love pretzels, and I know I will need to give these up for the next two days. Good luck!


3 thoughts on “30-Day Healthy Living Challenge: Day 14 & 15

  1. Donna Fletcher says:

    Many times it takes me a few hours to grocery shop, because I look at the labels. Sodium is not one I usually pay attention to. I will now though.
    Thanks Natalie!


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