30-Day Healthy Living Challenge: Day 24

Can you believe we are 24 days into January? If you have been following along this whole time, you are doing better than most people that set New Year’s Resolutions.  The majority of people give up on their goals after two weeks of hard work.  So, good job. 

I’m on vacation at the moment, so the next few pictures will be of California and the challenges will be inspired by west coast living. 

Day 24: Use Everyday Items To Get Workout

In California, it’s normal for people to wake up and go for a hike…in January. They have access to the great outdoors all year round and they use it to stay fit.  In New York, we don’t have that good fortune.  As those of you who live on the East Coast and are currently snowed in know, it’s not easy to get outside in the dead of winter.  But, that doesn’t mean you need to use a gym to get a workout.  Today’s challenge is to use everyday items to get a workout. 

What do I mean by “everyday items”? Here are some examples:

  • Grab a jump rope and spend time perfecting this childish craft.
  • Pick up a vacuum and duster and try to clean the house as quickly as possible.
  • Shovel snow! 
  • If you are lucky enough to get outside, go for a hike, bike, run or swim. 
  • Do a YouTube workout video. 
  • Turn on some music and dance.

Whatever activity you choose, make sure you are breathing heavily and do it for at least 30 minutes. I will be hiking and will post pictures tomorrow! 


2 thoughts on “30-Day Healthy Living Challenge: Day 24

  1. Donna Fletcher says:

    Because my sister is getting married in a few weeks, we are taking advantage of some dance video’s. It’s straight up country line dancing here!


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