Weekly Update: Fitness, Food, Professional

When I first started this blog, I told myself that the content would be nutrition and fitness info and recipes. I never planned on sharing anything about my life because, quite frankly, I didn’t think people would care. But an interesting thing has happened…whenever I write a post about Rising Above Negativity or Life Lessons From Switching Careers, I get a tremendous response from my readers.  Readers have even reached out to me to ask me questions, which I love! I write this blog because it’s fun for me, but I also want to have an impact on my readers. When someone tells me they learned something from my blog or was inspired, I feel so happy and satisfied.  That’s why I’m starting a Weekly Update, where I tell you about my fitness, food and professional life for the week.

Fitness: I’m running the NYC 1/2 Marathon this Sunday (no snow, please!), so running has been the majority of my fitness since December. I’m actually resting this week, but this is what I’ve been up to:


Sunday: 9-mile run. Last long run before the 1/2 marathon, and my legs felt good!

Monday & Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: quick 3-mile run, just to loosen my legs

Thursday: 30-minutes of yoga to keep my muscles limber

Friday & Saturday: foam rolling and stretching

Food: I made a delicious Avocado Toast.

Avocado Toast

Being really into sandwiches this week, I also made a delicious butternut squash and Brussels sprout sandwich with cheddar and a fried egg (so good that it will definitely be coming to the blog soon).


I experimented with Matcha in baking and smoothies for a future blog post!

Professional Life: I spent most of this week doing market research on what problems active people (aka recreational athletes) face with regards to their diet.  My goal is to develop nutrition material (videos, e-booklets, meal plans, presentations, etc.) that will help solve these problems. If you are a recreational athlete (runner, biker, swimmer, tennis player, triathlete) and want to fill out this quick 5 question survey, I will give you a FREE mini-nutrition assessment. Contact me after you have filled it out, so I can schedule a time to conduct the assessment! 

I’m also creating a survey for parents of young athletes to determine what struggles they face with feeding their child.  I think many parents want their children to be the best athletes possible so that they end up playing at the college level or further! While training is super important, knowing and implementing proper sports nutrition technique is just as important to create the most competitive athlete possible. If you are a parent of a young athlete and want to fill out a 5- question survey, contact me! Once again, I will give you a free mini-nutrition assessment for your time!

I created a newsletter for my site! Please sign up so you can receive recipes and information about my upcoming promotions straight to your inbox. I will also have discounts for newsletter subscribers.

I pitched some article ideas to magazines–still waiting to hear back.  This is the least fun part of what I do.

I gave an interactive Nutrition presentation to 3rd-5th graders at a sports center in Westchester, called A-Game Sports.  We measured out how many teaspoons of sugar is in drinks and candy, and we played my version of Red Light (foods to have sparingly), Green Light (foods to have all the time) with foods.


I shot a video recipe to go along with my Avocado Toast blog post, but the camera angle and lighting just didn’t work.  Sometimes, even though you do yourIMG_0379 hair and make-up and put on your best smile, these things just don’t work out on the first try.  Videos are coming soon though- I promise!


That’s my week in review. I hope you all enjoy this update, and I already have some fun posts planned for next week!




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