Weekly Update: Networking Like Crazy

It’s Friday and it’s starting to feel springy outside (well, at least in NYC), and I know you just want to run away from your desk and go breathe some fresh air.  But since you are stuck there until 5pm, let me entertain you with my weekly update!


I didn’t have the most innovative food week.  On second thought, I wasn’t home much–between Easter and networking events–so I mostly ate avocado toast and sweet potatoes. However, I can give you a delicious preview of a recipe to come (in video form) to my blog next week. I will teach you how to make Vanilla or Chocolate (pictured below) Chia Seed Pudding in a 5-minute video!


I also wrote a post about how to tell if a food is healthy.  I pose the question, “Do Calories Matter?” and give my take.


Sunday: My dad is an awesome tennis player, so he’s been teaching my boyfriend and I how to play.  We played an hour or so of tennis before Easter dinner, so I didn’t feel so guilty eating lasagna and cannolis.

Monday: 5-mile run

Tuesday: high-intensity interval training

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 3.5 mile speed interval run (it was pretty miserable, but I got through it)

Friday: strength training

Saturday: REST


I hosted a Nutrition Entrepreneurs mini-meeting for entrepreneurial RDs and RDs-to-be in NYC.  We received a grant from the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietary Practice Group, and then we were lucky enough to receive additional funds from Nutrigenomix. The meeting was held in the cellar at Draught 55, and about 25 RDs were in attendance.  It was a fantastic night of mingling, sharing ideas and struggles, and meeting other people who care about nutrition as much as I do.  I’m so happy I went out on a limb to make this event happen and that people were interested enough to show up!


Nutrition Entrepreneurs NYC Networking Night 3/31/16

I was also fortunate to attend a Starbucks event, in which they showed us some of their new products. (I work with the lovely Toby Amidor, and she sends me to these amazing press events.) I especially liked their bottled ice coffee to keep at home when I need an afternoon pick-me-up! As you can see, I get very excited about these things.


IMG_0441    IMG_0448

Lastly, my blog post on if you need a protein shake was featured in Food & Nutrition Magazine.  It was  then picked up by SmartBrief for Nutritionists, which is sent out to many RDs everyday. It’s a small accomplishment, but it still makes me happy and I’m still going to acknowledge it.


Check back next week for my second video!



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