Weekly Update: How To Fuel For Any Event Webinar

You know you love what you do when you wake up on Saturday morning and decide to blog…for fun.  I feel like all I do and think about is food, running, and nutrition.  But since this is a career change for me because my last career was unfulfilling, I guess that’s a good thing.  I’m glad I have an outlet (this blog) to share my passion with all of you, and I’m glad that I always have something new to share each week. So, here’s the weekly update.  We are starting with professional this week because I have a fun 1.5 minute video to share!


I finished the Athlete Nutrition Plans this week! I’m really excited about the prospect of these because they really take the guesswork out of when and what to eat for active people. They fit perfectly into any race training plan, and they work well for practically anyone who dedicates their time and thoughts to being active. They aren’t for sale yet because I’m still creating the video recipes, but we are good to go for a May 2nd launch!

In preparation for the Athlete Nutrition Plans, I’m hosting a FREE Live Webinar called “How To Fuel For Any Event”. I put together this short video to tell you about the webinar and tell you why it’s right for you!

Sign up for either time here:

Wednesday, April 27th at 1pm EST —–> sign up here:http://eepurl.com/bYITnH
Thursday, April 28th at 7pm EST ——> sign up here:http://eepurl.com/bYJh7P

And don’t forget to get the Athlete Carb Checklist, which will be delivered to your inbox with the click of this button!
This week I decided to focus on “fast food”, rather than my own creations.  In other words, I put together Part 2: 9 MORE Healthy “Fast Food” Joints in NYC.  These are great healthy options for on-the-go that prove that all fast food doesn’t need to be junk.
I also did create a beautiful Rainbow Grain Bowl for the April Recipe ReDux challenge.  I love this because you can change the grains or vegetables to your liking and add any toppings!
Rainbow Grain Bowl 2
Sunday: The weather was absolutely beautiful in NYC- sunny and 70 degrees.  I decided to go for my long run around noon, and it turned out to be a big mistake.  I forgot that I’m a terrible runner in the hot sun. I wanted to do 7.5 miles, but I could only pull out 5.5 miles. I was happy that I got some mileage done, but every step sucked.
Monday: REST
Tuesday: Bike ride.  I’m doing the 5 Boro Bike Tour next Sunday, so I needed to spend some time on my bike.
Wednesday: I tried a Pure Barre class for the first time.  It was hosted by Sunsweet snacks and Ketchum PR, and it was for RDs only. It was a fun experience to try something new and workout with other RDs.
Thursday: 5 mile run, including speed intervals.
Friday: REST
Saturday (today): We are going to go on a nice bike ride to Roosevelt Island.
Annnnd that’s my week.  What did you accomplish this week? I think it’s always good to put it in writing.  Tell me in the comments!

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