Day 5: Strong Summer Series- Surround Yourself With Strength

It’s funny when you set out to do something and it turns into something else, which is exactly what is happening with this Strong Summer Series.  At first, I wanted to challenge all of you to join me in a daily strength exercise (which I will continue to do).  Then, my camera had technical difficulties, so I wrote a post about 9 ways to strength train without hitting the weight room.  Now, I’m in the process of working on my website, and I wanted to write a personal blog post to share my experience.

Surround YourselfWith

Nutrition à la Natalie is completely run and operated by me, and me alone. I created and set up this website. I write all the posts. I take and edit all the videos and pictures. I make all of the fun graphics. I develop all of the recipes. I do all the social media promotion. I send the newsletters and make the downloadable tip sheets.  Basically, I’m a sole entity running my own little business in a very cost effective way. I don’t tell you these things to boast. I tell you because it’s a good preface for this story. I recently tried to do something recently that I just couldn’t do myself…no matter how hard I tried.

I’m moving my blog from to For anyone who blogs, you will probably understand this move. For those who don’t blog, I’m doing this because I basically need a site upgrade. Since I have figured out so many things in my past two years of blogging, I thought I could also figure this out. One day last week, I set aside time to move the site.  I read some directions online; I followed the first few steps and thought, “Okay, I can do this.” But, then things got complicated.  Coding language (like php) was being thrown at me.  Wait, I can’t just watch a YouTube video and figure out how to do this? There is more to this process? Oh boy, yes, there is MUCH more to the process. And, this is where I get to the title: “Surround Yourself With Strength”.


My boyfriend, Bill, is a software engineer. I don’t ask him for website help because I like knowing how to do the technical stuff. That way, I can fix any problems that may arise because I understand the system.  However, in this extreme case, I had no choice but to ask him some questions.  Bill is one of the most patient, kind, calm and loving people I know, and I am impatient and want everything done right NOW (I’m working on that). After explaining my dilemma to him, Bill said he would move the website for me. Of course, I trust him and wanted him to do it, but I didn’t want to make him do more work after a long day of software work that he actually gets paid for.  But, he seemed happy to do it, so I was happy and extremely grateful to let him.

Well, it took Bill many many many hours to get the website moved, and it’s still not completely done (because of something out of his control). There were many complications along the way that I definitely wouldn’t have been able to figure out.  He spent countless hours talking to support people and solving problems, and the new website will be up and running soon. Honestly, I couldn’t be more relieved and thankful that he spent the time to do that for me. I show my love through two things: cooking and writing.  So, this blog post is dedicated to Bill.  I’m so happy that I’ve chosen a mate that gives me strength and surrounds me with positive energy.

I’m constantly talking about food as “fuel” and strengthening your muscles, but I rarely ever talk about mental strength.  To be a small business owner, I need to have mental strength constantly.  There are so many bumps in the road (like moving my site) where I feel like throwing in the towel, but I don’t because I surround myself with strength.  People like Bill (and my family, of course) encourage me and always point out the good when I only see the bad. He is someone that I bounce ideas off of and who helps me, even when he’s tired and would probably rather not spend his night working on my business.  He always tell me that he’s proud of me, even when I’m feeling like I’m failing miserably. I’m so lucky to have him in my life, and I encourage you to think about the people that provide strength in your life.  I guarantee there is someone, and you should acknowledge them in some way today.

So, here’s to Bill. Thank you, and I promise I will make you key lime pie!


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