Athlete Nutrition Plans:

Are you an active individual who devotes most of your free time to physical fitness? If so, my Athlete Nutrition Plans are designed for you!  These inexpensive meal plans created to work in tangent with your fitness training plans.  Offered in three tiers, these plans are customizable to your needs.  Learn more here!

FREE Athlete Carb Checklist:


Student Sports Nutrition Workshops:

Many young athletes live, eat and breathe their sport, hoping to one day make it as a pro or play at the collegiate level. Schools recognize this dedication to the sport, and they offer premier athletic facilities and top-notch coaches and trainers. But at what point do these young athletes learn about the importance of sports nutrition? I recently surveyed parents of young athletes and I found several common themes:

  • Parents are confused and frustrated with getting their child to eat and drink properly before, during and after sports.  
  • They would do anything possible to help their young athlete compete at the highest level. 
  • They yearn for knowledge about properly fueling their child for performance and raising kids with healthy eating habits. 

I fill this void in sports nutrition knowledge by offering sports nutrition workshops to the athletic student body.  Contact me for details. 

Nutrition Counseling Services:

15- Minute Initial Assessment: Not sure what nutrition counseling is all about or if it’s right for you?  Chat with me for 15-minutes to determine if I can help you achieve your goals.
Cost: FREE
*Contact me to schedule


3 Session “Build Healthy Habits” Bundle: I take a unique approach to nutrition counseling. In each counseling session, we will discuss your struggles and nutrition goals. Then, we will work together to create a plan that works for you and set 2-3 realistic goals.  I ask you to try to stick to these goals for two weeks, and then we meet again.  In our follow-up sessions, we re-assess these goals and make any necessary changes. These three sessions will help you work towards creating a healthy habit and sticking to it!
Cost: $225

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6 Session “Ditch The Diet” Bundle: This option includes 1 initial assessment + 5 follow-up sessions.  Have you been trying different crazy diet and exercise plans for years, but none of them make you feel healthier?  This bundle is the answer! We will work together to identify your major food and fitness obstacles and create an individualized plan that works for you. Nutrition is not standard, and no one diet works for everyone. We will ditch the diet and finally get you living the healthy life that you want.
Cost: $425

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1- Hour Initial Assessment + Supermarket Tour: Have you been wanting to cook more, but the supermarket is so overwhelming?  Do you go to the supermarket and end up with a bunch of ingredients that don’t go together and a pile of junk food?  I can help show you how to shop smart at the supermarket.  First, we will meet to determine your needs and then we will tour the supermarket.  Learn about food labels, meal planning, and much more!
Cost: $225

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Nutrition Workshops:  Health and wellness is becoming a more popular topic by the minute.  Athletes at high schools and universities are constantly trying different diets to perform at their best.  Members of running or cycling groups use extreme diets to lose try to build strength, but they often forget about fueling for performance. A nutrition workshop is the perfect way to provide nutrition education on a variety of topics for a large group.
Cost: $350

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A few notes about counseling:

  • All nutrition counseling sessions can be conducted in-person or over video chat and include unlimited e-mail support after the session.
  • You do not need to be in New York for participate in video counseling.
  • I do not accept insurance.
  • Purchases do not expire.
  • Sessions are conducted Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm or Saturday 9a-5p

Nutrition writing: There is constantly new nutrition information in the media.  The amount of information is often overwhelming and confusing, and many turn to the Internet for help. Effective nutrition writing will translate nutrition science research and controversies in ways that are usable by the general public.  I am available to sort through this confusing information and write nutrition articles that are insightful and clear.

Contact me for freelance work.

I’m also available for the following services:

  • Healthy Cooking Classes
  • Recipe Development
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Brand/Food Consulting






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