I often write for and am quoted in a variety of Nutrition websites and blogs.  Check out my recently published works:



5 Lunch Ideas That Have Ideal Fuel For Runners (Women’s Running Magazine): Lunch is important for getting you through those post-work run sessions.  Get fueling lunch recipes from Dietitians.

Shockingly Healthy Eating Appetizers Dietitians Love (recipe featured in Fitness Magazine):  Sharing my delicious Shishito Pepper recipe with the audience of Fitness Magazine.

11 Foods That Are Loaded With Potassium (Besides Bananas) (recipe featured in Fitness Magazine): These awesome recipes are packed with potassium, including my Sweet Potato Chips with Onion Dip

Addressing Childhood Obesity In Your Own Home (A-Game Sports): Should you talk to your child about being overweight? Tips for setting healthy family habits.

How Can A Fat Be “Good”? (A-Game Sports): What’s the difference between “healthy” and “unhealthy” fats, and how does fat fit into the diet of an athlete?

Unraveling The Sugar Mystery (A-Game Sports): Added sugar appears far too often in the diet’s of children. Find out where sugar hides and how to reduce sugar intake.

What Women Runners Need To Know About Bone Health (Women’s Running): Bone health is an often ignored topic, and it’s especially important for women runners. I discuss how and why runners should maintain strong healthy bones.

Mother’s Day Recipes the Whole Family Will Agree On (recipe featured in Fitness Magazine): One of my favorite recipes, Blueberry Pecan Pancakes, is perfect for Mother’s Day brunch.

Iron Rich Foods That Aren’t Meat (recipe featured in Fitness Magazine): As a vegetarian, I was happy to share an iron rich, plant-based recipe.

Do Gym-Goers Need Protein Shakes? (Stone Soup): One of my most popular blog posts became an article.

Why Dietitians Hate Dieting (quoted in Fitness Magazine): Dietitians hate the word ‘diet’.  Read why I think it’s the worst word out there.

Why Runners Need To Eat Differently (The Path): A whole piece dedicated to the nutrition needs of runners.

Epic Food Fails Happen to the Best of Us–Yes, Even Nutritionists (quoted in Dr. Oz The Good Life): Most of the time, I’m a pretty good cook.  But, sometimes, my recipes fail tremendously.

6 ‘Healthy’ Foods Nutrition Pros Refuse To Put In Their Bodies (quoted in Find out what food I refuse to eat.

6 Healthy Benefits To Drinking Coffee That May Justify Your Habit (quoted in She Knows): I act as an expert, discussing the health benefits of coffee.

5 Healthy Super Bowl Swaps (Toby Amidor Nutrition): Eat this, not that at your next Superbowl Shindig.

4 Nutrition Trends for 2016: Everything Old Is New Again (quoted in The Daily Basics): I’m quoted in this wonderful article, discussing the rising popularity of ancient grains in 2016.

Top 50 Nutrition Blogs for 2015: Unstress Yourself named my blog one of their top 50 nutrition blogs in 2015–super exciting!

The Hype Around Matcha (quoted in The Path): What is Matcha and is it as healthy as people say it is?

Breaking Down Sodium & Calorie Labeling Laws (Toby Amidor Nutrition): Why are sodium warnings and calories appearing on menus, and can you expect to see it everywhere soon?

Best Job Application Tips From The Nutrition Pros (quoted in Nutrition Jobs): Tips for nailing your nutrition job application.

10 Ridiculously Healthy Holiday Appetizers That Any Guy Can Make (recipe featured in Men’s Health): Need a healthy appetizer for your holiday party?  This article has got you covered.

If the Health Department Inspected Your Kitchen (Stone Soup): Find out what would happen if the health department inspected your own kitchen. Would you pass?

6 Signs Your Taking Your Weight-Loss Goals Too Far (quoted in Women’s Health): Sometimes people take dieting too far. These signs will let you know if you are one of them.

5 Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts (Toby Amidor Nutrition): A delicious round-up of Thanksgiving desserts by fellow RD bloggers.

What’s The Dietitian Eating? Energy Bar Edition (Calio Blog): What energy bars do Dietitians choose? Find out my choice here!

Fuel Your Workouts with These In-Season Fall Superfoods (The Active Times): A delicious and healthy list of fall superfoods to fuel any workout.

4 Reasons Why Click-Bait Nutrition Articles May Be Hazardous To Your Health (The Daily Meal): Why articles with catchy titles that promise you a whole bunch of stuff might be dangerous to your health.

Healthy Meals You Can Whip Up With A Slow Cooker (quoted in Women’s Health): Want to make a healthy meal while you are at work? Read about easy nutritious things to make in your slow cooker.

7 Backup Plans For When Life Gets In The Way Of Your Weight-Loss Goals (quoted in Women’s Health): I offer suggestions for sticking to a healthful diet when trying to lose weight.

12 Things Nutritionist and Dietitians Would Never Eat (quoted in The Active Times): Find out what food I would never eat!

50 Healthiest Recipes Known To Man (featured in Men’s Fitness):  My Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas were featured as one of the healthiest recipes known to man!

Cookbook Review: Drink Your Way To Gut Health (Toby Amidor Nutrition): a cookbook detailing the ins and outs of probiotics and serving up delicious probiotic filled recipes.

Summer BBQ Survival Tips for Vegetarians (Spright): A how-to guide to surviving a BBQ as a vegetarian.

10 Ways to Cook with 10 of the Healthiest High-Fat Foods (featured in Men’s Fitness):  My Cinnamon Roasted Almonds were featured as a healthy source of fat!

Sweet Orange-Glazed Brussels Sprouts Flatbread (Stone Soup): A re-post of one of my favorite recipes on the prestigious blog for Food & Nutrition Magazine

Navigating the Sports Drink Aisle (SCAN Wellness-CV Connection, page 6): How to know which sports drink is right for you.  I discuss the difference between flavored waters, coconut waters, and more.

Diet for Acid Reflux Sufferers (eHow): More than 60 million Americans experience acid reflux.  This article gives suggestions for foods to eat and foods to avoid.

Nutrition Coach Certification (LIVESTRONG): Have  you ever wondered what’s the difference between a Nutritionist and a Registered Dietitian?  And what’s up with all these Nutrition Coach certifications? Find out here.

What Makes A Healthy Breakfast For Athletes?  (My Sports Dietitian): Eating breakfast has many benefits for the mental and physical health of an athlete. Find out what makes a healthy breakfast for athletes here.

Foods That Give You Energy in the Morning (eHow): Want to know how to start a busy day with energy?  Read my post about the best foods for long lasting energy in the morning.

The Definition of Reducing Sugars (LIVESTRONG): A nutrition chemistry article that defines the term “reducing sugar.”

The Lost Art of Cooking (SuperKids Nutrition): 5 reasons to cook dinner tonight! (quoted): Article about my work with the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council and NY Yankees Summer Camp.  I work with young campers to stress the importance of healthy eating and choosing healthy milk products.

Savory Strawberry Salad (NutriciseDr): May is National Strawberry Month.  Strawberries are at the peak of seasonality, so try this nutritious salad to celebrate the beautiful fruit!

Coconut Oil Craze (NutriciseDr): Can coconut oil help lower cholesterol? Does it aid in weight loss? Are the health claims merited?

New Sugar Guidelines: Tips for Swapping Your Sweets (NutriciseDr): On the heels of the WHO’s recent recommendation to cut added sugar intake to 5% of daily calories, I provide practical tips to incorporate this guideline into your everyday life.

Eat Your Beans: 10 Easy- High Protein Low Cost Meals (SuperKids Nutrition): Beans are a great source of protein and fiber, low in calories, and low in cost.  Check out 10 ways to add more beans to your meals!

Veggiecation (SuperKids Nutrition): A brief description of Veggiecation, a great nutrition and culinary education program for kids.

A Day In the Life of an Olympic Athlete (NutriciseDr): Ever wonder how the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic athletes train or what they eat everyday?  This article gives a detailed account of what it takes to be a Winter Olympic Athlete.

Resolve to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution: 4 Easy Tips (NutriciseDr): Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions is difficult for anyone.  This post gives 4 easy tips to turn your New Year’s Resolution into a way of life.


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